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Northern Kentucky Medical Supplies Help People Age In Place

These days, many older adults opt to stay in their homes as they age rather than become residents of a nursing home or assisted living facility. Aging in place is an option that allows seniors to remain at home while federal and state programs help them get the care they need.

Getting Older Doesn’t Mean You Have To Give Up Everything

Those who consider aging in place may be concerned about safety, declining independence, and loss of control. These concerns are valid, especially for older people dealing with chronic illnesses, mobility, or physical limitations. But with the correct home modifications and medical supplies, seniors can maintain a level of independence without moving out of their family home.

The growing trend to remain in one’s home as one ages is favorable for many reasons. While aging at home does mean an increased likelihood of needing professional medical assistance, being at home represents comfort, familiarity, and routine. It also allows seniors to be near family and friends, which is very important for mental well-being.

Home Medical Supplies Make Aging-In-Place Easier

Home medical supplies can help aging adults stay safe and healthy in their own homes, which is preferable for many people who don’t care or need to move into assisted living. Today, seniors can get a wide range of home medical supplies to help them with activities and daily life.

For example, some people may use motorized scooters to move indoors and outdoors more easily. Seniors can also benefit from adaptive appliances, such as grab bars in the bathroom, non-slip mats or rugs, walk-in bathtubs, and handrails in the home.

Stairlifts are a popular home modification because it helps people move efficiently and safely up and down the stairs of their home. Similarly, lifting reclining chairs can help people sit down and stand up more readily.

Other medical supplies like CPAP and BIPAP machines help make sleep apnea easier to control, and oxygen therapy offers a safe way to treat illnesses such as heart disease, COPD, and other breathing problems.

Other medical supplies that can help with health concerns like diabetes include glucose monitors and test strips, diabetic shoes, insulin pumps, and Continuous Glucose Monitors. These supplies make it possible for people to live healthier lives at home.

Home Medical Supplies Provide Independence and Peace of Mind

People who choose to age in place will find that medical supplies can help them maintain their health and the level of independence they enjoyed when they were younger.

At Northern Kentucky Medical Supplies, we strive to provide the best home medical supplies, mobility aids, and assistive devices that help our customers live healthier lives with less worry. 

From first aid to mobility and independent living, our compassionate team of advisors will help you choose the medical equipment that best suits your needs. Feel free to explore our website or contact us with any questions about how Northern Kentucky Medical Supplies can help you age in place with peace of mind.

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