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Aging In Place

Making the choice stay in the comfort of your own home as you enter your final stages of life is becoming more and more common. It’s often referred to as “Aging in Place” and usually involves the help of family and/or caregivers that help support you or your loved one. There are many things to consider you make the decision regarding whether or not to enter an assisted living facility or modify your home to make your daily activities safer and easier.

The decision is often made after a life-changing event, such as the death of a spouse or a change to health status and/or mobility. Extended family and the help of a social worker or doctor can be important, especially in the case of an ongoing or chronic health condition.

Modifications can be made easily and the impact to the overall aesthetic of the home minimal. In most cases staying at home with modifications is less expensive than assisted living or long-term care. Burlington provides free consultations with our Independent Living and In-home Accessibility Consultant to help you and your loved one make the best decisions about your comfort, health, and safety.

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