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CPAP Cleaning… a necessary process in order to keep you healthy!

If you own a CPAP machine (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure), manufacturers, suppliers, and physicians recommend regular cleaning of your machine to ensure optimum performance and reduce health risks.

The tubing, mask, and water chamber should be cleaned on a daily basis.
Using distilled water in the water chamber is also recommended to reduce possible bacteria and mold growth. Without proper cleaning, minerals can accumulate in the water chamber, mucus can collect in the mask, unpleasant smells, and an overall unhygienic experience.

There are real potential risks with using unclean medical equipment. Direct exposure to bacteria, mold, and viruses may increase your risk for nasty colds, infections, and possibly pneumonia.Cleaning your CPAP equipment properly also increases it’s lifespan and effectiveness. Typically, the user manual will contain special multi-step instructions to help you maintain your equipment.

With the use of an automated CPAP cleaner, this cleaning process is less laborious and daunting and also provides a professional grade sanitizing process!

I clean my dishes, I clean my laundry, why wouldn’t I clean my own CPAP machine?
With the help of a CPAP cleaner, you can maintain your equipment without the need to disassemble the entire machine. Makes cleaning easy and quick, especially for those with mobility issues.

These CPAP cleaning machines do not require water or the need for added chemicals. The automated sanitizer destroys viruses, bacteria and mold that resides in the tubing, mask, and inside your CPAP machine.

The Virtculean is a little machine that packs a big punch! Backed by an 18-month warranty, this machine is a necessary addition to your CPAP use. It’s portable, lightweight, and uses a rechargeable battery. It provides hospital-grade sanitization while allowing you more time to do the things you really love; not standing over your sink cleaning masks and tubing! Here at Burlington Health Care, we stock this product and are here to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Stop in today or give us a call!

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