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Habits are hard to form…. Well, good habits are hard to form, right? Why does it seem like the worst things for our bodies are the easiest to consistently do? Staying active can be one of those habits that can forever change the landscape of your future. Much easier said than done, some find staying active a difficult journey to take. We are blessed to live in both an economical and geographical location that offers a wide array of physical activity options. Ranging in price and intensity level, these options are easy entry points for those, especially aging adults, who desire to remain active. 

It is important to remember that as we age, the goals and outcomes of staying active change. No longer should we be looking to change the tone or definition of our body, attempting to ‘slim down’ or to ‘tone up’ in preparation for swimsuit season or your college roommate’s wedding, but instead, as we age, staying active is about maintaining strength, preventing disease side-effects, and maintaining mobility! Also, exercise doesn’t have to look like sweat, heavy breathing, running, or other media-heavy depictions of ‘good exercise.’ 

As with any habit, having accountability always helps. Finding a friend who is interested in staying active is a great first step in forming a new and sustainable habit of regular exercise. Sit down with that friend and make a plan, put it in writing, and stick to it! Using one another to hail successes and commiserate about failures can ultimately lead to overall improved health. When we work together, our lows don’t always seem so low, creating an environment of encouragement instead of quick-disappointment and therefore, failure.

Staying Active Options:

  1. State and Local Park Systems: Often landscaped with a variety of walking trails or paved sidewalks, parks are designed to accommodate many different mobility levels, offering a space for everyone.
  2. Community Senior Centers: Check your local community Senior Center for group exercise classes. These are specifically tailored to meet the goals and needs of aging adults and are a wonderful entry point for those who are beginners. 
  3. Join a Gym: For profits gyms offer independence to each user, allowing them to create their own exercise plan while offering a wide selection of machines and weights. Often staffed with friendly and knowledgeable staff eager to help!
  4. Start a Home Habit: Have a general idea of what you are doing? With a few youtube videos, internet searches, and a dose of confidence, all you need is a sturdy chair, an open space with a soft floor (such as a rug or a mat). Chair squats, tippy toe lifts, soup can curls, wall snow angels– minimal impact exercises that improve balance and strength Those who have limited mobility or health concerns should be aware that exercising alone at home might prove to be more risky than worth it.

Burlington Health Care, Northern Kentucky’s Home Health Supply Store, cares about each of our customers. Our reach goes beyond the products we sell, we take time to build personal relationships with our customers; and part of that care is our customers’ overall health. A sedentary lifestyle is a real health concern and we are committed to providing solutions to combat immobility. Get up, Get out, and Get Moving!