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Getting ready to move – how to pack up your medical equipment?

Whatever it is that you are shipping, the challenge that both you and the shippers face is how to ensure the safety of these possessions during transport. This becomes all the more difficult when you have to transport something as sensitive as medical equipment. The only way to safely ship medical equipment is to prepare it well for the road. Knowing how to do that right will minimize the chances of an accident. Therefore, here is all you need to know about how to pack up your medical equipment.

Set aside enough time for planning

Mistakes happen when we rush. Therefore, take your time to plan everything to the last detail. Firstly, decide how you will ship your medical equipment:

  • Airfreight
  • Rail
  • Road
  • Sea

Then, decide how you will pack. Will you do it yourself or enlist professional services.

Allow yourself enough time to figure out these things and find suitable professional services.

Closely examine what you are shipping

You may think that packing medical equipment is the first point you will have to handle, but in reality, there is a step that comes before it. You have to evaluate your medical equipment thoroughly. Pay attention to their:

  • Size
  • Shape
  • Weight
  • Fragility

To know what type of packing supplies to obtain and what quantities, you have to know precisely what you are shipping and what amounts.

Moreover, since you will entrust a professional company to handle the shipping of this sensitive equipment, you will have to provide them with specific details regarding how they can handle it.

Consider environmental requirements

When packing medical supplies, you have to think about the environmental conditions they need. Consider the temperature requirements for each piece. While walkers may not be that susceptible to temperature changes, electronic devices are. Also, if your medical equipment will be stored in high-humidity storage, you will need to take steps to protect it from damage caused by moisture. If this is something you can’t ensure with packaging, you need to get refrigerated or climate-controlled transport.

Pack up your medical equipment in tailor-made packing solutions

Once you know what you are shipping, you can proceed to obtain adequate packing supplies. While you can pack some of the pieces in standard packing supplies, there will be other equipment that requires tailor-made crates or special packing solutions to prepare it the right way and ensure maximum protection.

For instance, blood pressure kits and first-aid kits can be protected by bubble wrap and placed in a cardboard box where they should be cushioned with packing peanuts. However, walkers, scooters, and any other heavy or oddly shaped equipment will need a special approach.

When building customer crates for such items, you must consider what they need to be perfectly safe during transport. The containers should guarantee protection from:

  • Abrasion
  • Shock
  • Moisture
  • Vibrations
  • Temperature changes

Disassemble larger pieces

If necessary or possible, consider disassembling larger pieces. Sometimes, this step can help protect the most sensitive parts of medical equipment. This is especially important if you are transporting complex medical machines. While it will demand a bit more effort on your behalf, the safety of your equipment is worth it.

Hire professional services to safely ship medical equipment

When shipping medical supplies and equipment, hiring a respectable and reliable shipping company is necessary. Whether you need to ship medical equipment via sea, airfreight, road, or rail, keep in mind that only professionals have the appropriate expertise and tools to handle such sensitive items with the care they demand. Amateurs don’t understand the requirements fully and lack the skills necessary to keep these pieces safe. That increases the risk of damage or total destruction of the equipment in the most severe scenarios.

To find a company you like and can trust, conduct thorough research. Find a company that knows how to pack and handle more complex medical equipment, such as CT scanners, MRIs, lasers, or X-ray devices. You can be confident they are more than competent to deal with medical supplies for residential care.

Start with a quick Google search and read through online reviews. Then contact a few companies you like and have a brief interview. Ask them for a free shipping cost estimate, too. Once you collect all the information, compare the companies and pick the one that offers the most value for your money.

Get insurance

Medical devices are not cheap, and getting the proper insurance is advisable. You can take all the precautions, pack up your medical equipment perfectly, and hire the best shipping company, but nobody can guarantee that nothing will go awry. There is always a risk of damage and unforeseen accidents. So, getting an insurance policy when shipping anything is always a good idea. That is the only way to ensure peace of mind, knowing that you will receive fair compensation even if something happens.

It is also wise to track your shipment throughout the transportation. You will always know how far it has gone and if everything is in order. The shipping company should provide you with this option.

Final comments

No matter what kind of products you are shipping, the last thing you want is for them to get damaged, lost, or destroyed. There is a lot at stake in the case of medical equipment manufacturers, hospitals, and anyone else in this industry. As a business, you will worry about your investment. Then, you will need to think about the patients. They are the ones who need your medical devices to receive adequate treatment, diagnosis, or help. Any delay or damage has a financial impact on your organization, and it harms patients who need the equipment. As a result, you need to go the extra mile to safely ship medical equipment. That is the only way to ensure your shipment arrives at the destination on time and in one piece.

And if you are moving, you need to pack up your medical equipment the best way you can to ensure it arrives safely at your new home.

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