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Independence – The very thing that we all strive for as young ones. It seems from the very moment we are born it just happens, that thing is carried along with us to “Do It Ourselves”.


As we move along into the independence of life, it carries many stages through the process. For some, however, the aging process seems to lead us down a path of less autonomy, providing a struggle both physically as well as emotionally.


Achieving the peace of mind for family members while providing safety for the individual is the attainable balance for which we reach. Sometimes met with resistance, maybe making a few changes to a living space may just be the answer that is acceptable to all involved.


  • By adding grab bars in strategic places, you can ensure stability when standing.


  • Purchasing items that allow for assistance with lifting legs and putting on shoes are a great help.


  • Lift chairs are often an excellent choice allowing for stability while rising from a seated position.


Along with many other choices such as walkers, shower chairs, reachers, call buttons and more, adding just a few items at a time can promote quality of life and extend independence.

You can find many suggested items on our website.


Allow your loved one to maintain their independence while keeping your peace of mind with the proper assistance. Please let us know if you have any questions.