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Canes and Crutches

If you find yourself in need of a cane or crutches we have a great selection for you.  We have everything from flashy designer looks to the traditional wood and even the cat lovers.  You also have a choice from single prong cane, the 4 prong quad cane, or even a cane that you can use as a seat.  Come in and see our selection and test them out yourself.  We can help you in making your decision and show you the options available.

Before you use a cane or crutches, here are some guidelines to follow:

  • Remove scatter rugs, electrical cords, spills, and anything else that may cause you to fall.
  • In the bathroom, use nonslip bath mats, grab bars, a raised toilet seat, and a shower tub seat.
  • Simplify your household to keep the items you need handy and everything else out of the way.
  • Use a backpack, fanny pack, apron, or briefcase to help you carry things around.