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Considering a lift chair? If you’re looking for independence but need just a little help with your mobility, a chair lift might be perfect for you. Not sure, check out these three reasons you might want to consider adding a lift chair to your home and routine.

  1. Getting Out of Your Chair is a Struggle: Do you find yourself taking several attempts at lifting yourself every time you need to get up? When you go to sit down, do you avoid soft chairs because it doesn’t seem worth the effort to get back up again? If you find yourself struggling to stand up after a period of sitting on the couch; this could be due to your back and joints. There is nothing wrong with choosing to invest in a lift chair to aid your standing up and it is nothing to be embarrassed about. Consider getting a lift chair to prevent feeling uncomfortable and strained as you try to stand up from your seat 
  2. You Spend a Lot of Time on Your Chair: If your chair serves as a sort of homebase for you when you are at home, it’s a good investment to make sure that chair works for you. Do you ever try to consolidate the times you’d need to get up to get something because it feels like an extra time standing up is not worth the trouble? Consider what it would be like if you didn’t need to worry about raising up to standing. Would it help you to stay a bit more mobile and get to the things that you need around your home?
  3. You are Easily Tired: If small tasks are making you tired, it’s worthwhile looking at what tasks comprise your day. Do you really want to be spending your precious energy getting out of your chair, rather than getting around in your day? A lift recliner can help you conserve your energy to help you stay strong. Constantly sitting and standing when you struggle can take a lot of energy and this can cause you to feel tired. Ensure that you are able to make the most of every day by using a lift chair to help you.

At Burlington Health Care, we like to give you the tools you need to live your life to the fullest. Want to try out a lift chair, but not yet ready to buy? Lift chairs are available for both rental and purchase. Want to learn more? Visit our website at or stop in today and speak with one of our helpful staff members.

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