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Getting started on CPAP therapy

You’ve completed your sleep apnea test and have your diagnosis: obstructive sleep apnea. It’s time to begin your CPAP therapy – and the first step is to obtain CPAP equipment. But how can you find a reputable medical equipment supplier, and how do you know what to look for? Your neighbors at Burlington Health Care can help! 

What you need to know before starting CPAP

Once you’ve been diagnosed with sleep apnea, you’ll receive a prescription from a doctor in order to acquire a CPAP machine and start therapy. The prescription will list a pressure setting, which is determined by the prescribing physician based on the results of your sleep study. Prescriptions are usually good for life.

Finding and visiting a CPAP store

Online deals might make it tempting to buy your CPAP machine online, but you should consider visiting a medical supply store like Burlington Health Care to talk get face time with a sleep specialist. Your prescription will include specific settings for your CPAP machine, so they’ll help you set it up and recommend a mask based on your sleep style and facial features.

The biggest benefit of visiting a brick-and-mortar location is to ensure you get the proper fit for your mask. You’ll also build a relationship with your equipment supplier that can be crucial if you struggle to adjust to therapy or it’s time to order replacement parts.

What to ask when you get there

Once you’re referred to a medical equipment supplier like Burlington Health Care here are some items to cover:

Go over your CPAP prescription and doctor recommendations together

Discuss mask types, your sleep style and any allergies

Tell them what you notice helps and hurts your sleep

Ask about their CPAP supply replacement program and how those work with your insurance coverage

What does the equipment supplier take care of?

Are you using your machine as prescribed?

Is the equipment functioning properly?

Are you having issues like claustrophobia or discomfort?

Have you noticed an improvement in your sleep quality?

How is your attitude and mood?

Has your quality of life improved?

Types of masks

Finding the right mask and machine is essential to your CPAP treatment – after all, if your mask is uncomfortable or your machine is loud and clunky, you’ll be less likely to use them. This is why ensuring your equipment provider has a trial or return policy is so important. You may not know what works for you until you’ve tried it.

Check out our blog next month to learn more. In the meantime, call or stop by Burlington Health Care to have all your CPAP questions answered and get started with the equipment that’s right for you!

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