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Sleep Therapy

A healthy night’s sleep is essential, and if your doctor has recommended a CPAP or Bi-Level, our experts can help you get exactly what you need. Finding the right products and the right fit to help with your sleep apnea or other sleep disorders is essential to get the maximum benefit. Here a sample of our products – we’re here to help.

CPAP S9™ and H5i™ Series
You need a sleep therapy system that delivers more. Four and more.
When it comes to sleep, every minute counts. You need a sleep therapy system that ensures your patients will sleep through the night. Enter ResMed’s S9 Series.

In a recent study of 50 patients, all patients sleeping with an S9 device slept through the four hour compliance threshold – even the patients who had struggled most with compliance.1 ResMed’s S9 brings you four advantages to help your patients sleep through the night comfortably and feel the benefits of healthy sleep.

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Personalized fit and comfort.

* Automatically adjusts for changes in headgear tension and reduces facial marks.
* MicroFit dial fine-tunes fit to suit each user’s profile with easy one-handed adjustment.
* Accommodates a greater range of nasal structures.

Quiet and streamlined.

* Unique design diffuses air quietly and gently for improved comfort for user and bed partner.
* 49% quieter than Mirage Activa2.
* Slender frame design and compact cushion for improved field of vision.

Intuitively easy.

* ActiveCell automatically seals and adjusts, reducing fitting time.
* Fewer mask parts for easy cleaning and assembly.

Manufacturer: ResMed

The CPAP Hose Holder keeps tubing lifted, supported and tangle-free so CPAP tubing is out of the way as you sleep. The holder easily slips between your mattress and box spring and the adjustable swing arm moves with you, so there is no tugging or pulling of the CPAP hose. The CPAP Hose Holder is 34-1/2″ H when fully extended and folds down for storage and portability. Includes storage pouch.


1.00″W X 34.00″H


– Adjustable arm moves easily so to prevent pulling.

– Makes it easier to sleep safely and soundly.

– Compactly folds for storage and portability.

– Includes storage pouch.

– Frame 100% Iron.

– Pouch 100% Polyester.

– 7″ Length for “bent”part at top.

The Contour CPAP Pillow works with all major brands of CPAP masks!
The Contour CPAP Pillow shape allows natural resting of shoulders, neck and head for contact free CPAP mask use.

Sleep comfortably & in compliance all night! For use with all CPAP, BiPAP and APAP masks and devices

Our original Contour CPAP Pillow boasts a more cushioned and supportive molded foam base plus a dual fabric design. The silky, quilted material follows the pillows contours so your CPAP mask and shoulders easily glide over these areas as you move throughout the night, all while your head is cushioned by soft velour. This sleep apnea pillow promotes proper support and contact free CPAP mask use. The pillow cover easily zips off for washing and additional replacement covers are available individually as are form-fitting pillow cases.

New and Improved!
Quilted, Padded Cover • Thicker Construction
More Resilient and Supportive High Density Foam
2 Year Warranty

The CPAP Pillow is available in 2 height levels. Most users will be comfortable using the standard height (4″) Lighter patients or those that prefer a thinner pillow should choose our standard profile model. Heavier, larger patients or anyone that prefers a thicker pillow should choose our high profile model.Each Contour CPAP pillow comes fitted with a custom, quilted pillow case with an attached hose tether to keep CPAP hose apparatus away from the patient.

Use Citrus II Spray CPAP Mask Cleaner daily for safe and gentle cleansing, deodorizing, and maintenance of all types of CPAP, BiPAP, and OXYGEN THERAPY, TUBING, and ACCESSORIES. Regular use effectively removes build-up of dirt, grease, oils and organic residue. CPAP mask cushions should be cleaned every morning after use.
-Alcohol and solvent free
-62 wipes per canister
-Perfect for travel!

Manufacturer: Beaumont Products