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The act of being alone, solitude, ≠ (does not equal) Loneliness… 

While solitude can lead to a feeling of loneliness, it isn’t an automatic process; there are ways to combat loneliness and isolation and instead, feel fulfilled in your solitude. 


Here are 5 great activities for seniors who have limited mobility or those who spend a lot of time alone. These activities promote a sense of belonging and community with others, often stimulating creativity and brain function. 


  1. Consume Visual Media: That’s a fancy way of saying ‘read!’ We fancy it up so that it encompasses all of the ways we process visual media. If reading black words on white paper isn’t stimulating or fulfilling, try exploring the world of visual novels…essentially picture books for adults! Also, there are so many ways to listen to books on tape, using an e-reader, or a book loaded onto a simple mp-3 player. In the simplest form, looking at photographs and verbally telling stories about what you see is a great way to keep your brain active. 
  2. Explore Hobbies: Specialized activities that don’t require a lot of moving around include birdwatching, knitting, crocheting, container gardening, playing a musical instrument, painting by numbers, or learning a new language. While all hobbies have varying levels of skill, finding a hobby that has many different beginner level ‘helps’ is important. For example, someone who loves to claim ‘painting’ as their hobby, could start with a paint by number kit!
  3. Exercise: Set a timer for 45 minutes… every time the timer goes off, get up and move! Make sure to change your body position at least once every hour. More in depth versions include chair yoga, chair stretches, and other seated exercises that increase blood flow to all extremities.
  4. Get Outside: Spending time in nature is relaxing and is a natural mood booster. Even if that means opening a window and sitting in the sunshine for a few hours a day, or finding a small stoop or porch to catch some rays and fresh air…getting outside is essential to not feeling isolated from the rest of creation.
  5. Play Games: A card table consistently dedicated to a 500-1,000 piece puzzle is one of the best companions in times of isolation and solitude. There are also many computer based games that can connect other online players together; Rummikub, Poker, and Bridge are a few examples. 

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