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As the Earth warms and nature begins to bloom, our human need for sunshine and fresh air influences our daily actions and plans. We’re more active, we’re more likely to go ‘out,’ and we’re generally in more sociable moods.

Spring and Summer are popular travel months; weddings, graduations, family reunions, planned vacations. Often this time of year brings trips that are both for leisure and also to celebrate family milestones.

Including the eldest members of your family in these events is important, but traveling with seniors requires some extra special planning so that the trip remains manageable and smooth.

If the trip includes flying, consider paying a little extra for a non-stop flight so that there is no need for a transfer in an unfamiliar airport. Remember that airports are huge and require an exorbitant amount of walking (even the small ones!) When booking your flight, ask for a wheelchair to meet your senior at the gate or check in bay.

If your trip includes overnight stays, choose your accommodations with care. Avoid Bed and Breakfasts or AirBnB’s due to the unknown nature of their accessibility. Hotels that have 1st floor rooms, near the lobby, are best to minimize walking and fatigue. Most hotels will have rooms that have handicap accessible bathrooms, reducing fall risks.

Packing light is always the best choice no matter the age of the traveler, but especially when considering the fatigue a heavy and bulky suitcase can cause an older adult. Be certain to pack extra of necessary items such as reading glasses, pocket-sized magnifying glasses, and all medications. Bringing a small notebook with a golf pencil is a great way to jot directions, event schedules, hotel room numbers, and other trip specific details.

Traveling should be a joy and a reason for memory making! At Burlington Health Care, we value our customer’s mobility and accessibility; offering a wide array of health products that can improve stamina, posture, support, and mobility.

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