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The need for company, love, and support lasts a lifetime. As we age, we do not grow wise enough that we can keep ourselves company…we require meaningful human interaction; our well-being and cognitive skills depend on it. Unfortunately, aging adults, especially those who have been through traumatizing medical or lifestyle changes are at the greatest risk of losing opportunities for socialization. 


Healthy relationships are essential at every age, but for seniors, consistent social interactions help keep them mentally, physically, and emotionally fit. Whereas a young person or middle-aged adult will have cultural mandates such as school and the workplace to socialize, an older adult lacks the inherent opportunities for such. Forming and maintaining relationships fend off isolation and make our lives feel more meaningful and purposeful.


Older adults with a fulfilling social life tend to avoid many of the physical, cognitive, and emotional problems that seniors who are isolated might encounter. Reduced stress, longer lifespans, higher mobility, less anxiety; there are multiple studies that report these findings, but it doesn’t take scientific research to understand this concept. We know from personal experience that socializing with others is a positive activity that has many personal benefits.


In order to help improve the social life of an older adult in your life, it’s important to understand some of the barriers associated with staying social. Some are physical barriers such as loss of transportation or mobility issues, but for many, there are other layers as well. Loss of a spouse or loved one can trigger isolation, lack of availability of family members to assist, and real or perceived cognitive decline can all be difficult barriers to overcome when trying to improve one’s social life.


Here are some great resources for social opportunities for older adults in Northern Kentucky.

Check out these links for socialization opportunities:

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