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Winter Home Safety Tips for Seniors

It is an unfortunate truth that seniors are among the people most impacted by winter. The season is harsh on their health, and there are many hazards to look out for. So, we hope our winter home safety tips for seniors can help keep you safe!

Have your chimney and roof inspected on time

There are few things necessary for staying safe during winter than the condition of your roof and chimney. If there is a problem with either, you’ll likely end up cold and constantly trying to fix things in a rush. If your roof is the problem, endless leaks and a tricky and expensive renovation rush would be the consequences. On the other hand, a problem with your chimney can be pretty dangerous. It might get blocked, and the smoke would stream back into your home instead of getting funneled outside. It should be a significant health hazard for anyone, but especially seniors. And that makes getting a roof and chimney inspection one of the best winter home safety tips for seniors!

A snowy day

Snow might be pretty, but it is a pressure test for your roof.


Prepare what you’ll need to keep warm

It is, most of the time, a rather unlikely scenario. However, a power outage can occur if winter snowfall gets heavy enough or if a storm happens. That means that you won’t be able to rely on any heating devices, and some types of central heating systems run through a furnace become dangerous to use, too. If you don’t prepare thoroughly for such a situation, you will end up cold and waiting for the power to turn back on with no way to affect anything. At the very least, always have blankets and thick clothing on hand. Similarly, you should get all the medical home care equipment and supplies you might need before winter rolls around. This way, you’ll have all you need at home even if you can’t order them and have them delivered due to power outages.

Have your walkways and driveway salted and regularly shoveled

It is not a good idea for a senior to work during winter. So, if possible, getting someone else to help you clear your walkways and driveway and keep them clean and salt would be best. That will ensure that you can go out safely whenever you want. Of course, if you can’t do that, we recommend doing the work exceptionally carefully and, if necessary, slowly. You should also prioritize clearing only enough space for you to be able to move around unhindered rather than clearing out everything. You should also look into self-storage supplies and gather all the tools you own so you can safely put them away once you finish using them.

Taking a winter walk

Even if you want to go on walks, remember to be careful outside!


Make sure you are safe if using a fireplace or furnace

One of the crucial winter home safety tips for seniors is paying extra attention to carbon monoxide buildup. Most seniors are fond of fireplaces or furnaces, but they come with the risk of carbon monoxide building up in your home. That is not something to take lightly since this gas is invisible and can quickly be deadly for sleeping seniors. The best approach to this is installing carbon monoxide alarms. They will soon pick up signs of the gas and alert you, which is why we recommend this as one way to make a new home safe for seniors.

A fireplace

A fireplace is always a significant hazard.


Consider getting an artificial Christmas tree.

Now, anyone who has grown up using a real Christmas tree to celebrate the holiday knows that an artificial one can’t compare. The look is not up to par, that lovely nostalgic scent is absent, and they are not as majestic as the real thing. However, there is an excellent reason why one of our winter home safety tips for seniors is getting an artificial Christmas tree instead. Namely, the risks of buying a real one are much too high. The real deal gets dried out relatively quickly. Combine this with many decorations, including Christmas lights, the main culprit, and you have a scenario ripe for disaster. If the heat of the lights manages to catch the tree on fire, you will lose a lot more than just the present under the tree!

Have only quality extension cords and extension sockets

During winter, we tend to use a lot more power than usual. Because of this reason, using extension cords and sockets has become somewhat familiar. However, this carries a risk all its own. Quality extension sockets and cables are perfectly safe to use. On the other hand, the cheap and shoddy ones very quickly overheat and start a fire. Some malicious extensions start sparking from the very start rather than go wrong later, too. And even if you buy only quality, age still does its thing. That means that when doing home decluttering, and you should do this routinely, you should also throw out any extensions that are starting to look worn.

Take advantage of delivery

The final of our winter home safety tips for seniors is to avoid going outside if at all possible. Unfortunately, we get less agile and sure of footing as we age. Which, most of the time, is not too great an impediment. During winter, however, this can be deadly. Slipping on the ice is a significant health hazard for seniors due to how fragile bones can get at that age. Even a minor fall can result in months of recovery. So, make full use of modern continence and just order groceries and similar to be delivered to you. In reality, relying on deliveries is a good idea during winter and everyday life. Keep this in mind if you are also trying to help your elderly parents relocate.

Final word

If you follow our winter home safety tips for seniors, we can guarantee the season will at least be a little more bearable for you. And your loved ones will also be able to rest easy knowing you are safe!

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