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The stereotypes and parody skits abound, Technology vs. Older Adults = BAD NEWS! Grandma working her cell phone, grandpa barking at the ‘Smart’ TV… It makes for great entertainment to buy into these sometimes hurtful stereotypes, but when you take a closer look, they just simply aren’t true! The positive use of technology is not only ever-present in our aging-generation’s lives, it’s greatly improving their health, their mobility, and their safety!


While some may be content to parrot society’s version of technology’s effect on our aging generation, we at Burlington Health Care believe that technology can and does have a positive impact on the lives of our clients and customers! With the proper education, new advances in technology can improve the connectedness and mobility of our loved ones.


Alert Systems: The red push button ‘alert’ system is at the essence of the alert systems of 2020. Many now have the capacity for 2-way communication between a care-giver and the person wearing the alert system. Some systems are equipped with automatic triggers that are related to heart rate or blood pressure. These alert systems can save lives when used consistently and properly. 


Automated Pill Dispenser: Taking the labeled ‘Morning-Noon-Night’ pill box a step further, these electronic pill dispensers come equipped with the ability to alert the pill-taker that it’s time to take medicine, and it also releases the pill from a locked chamber. While these systems can seem excessive for some, for those that are care-taking for individuals that suffer from memory loss, these systems can be a vital addition to daily life. 


Electronic Doctor Visits: Many medical providers have integrated video conferencing capabilities into their practices. Patients can log in to a portal and request an ‘e-visit’ and a nurse or doctor receives the request and is able to process the next steps. While some medical concerns do warrant a physical trip to the doctor’s facility, most preventative care and follow-up appointments can be done electronically. The ability to have remote doctor’s visits is beneficial to those who struggle with mobility, or those who lack transportation to get to doctor’s visits. Some choose to use a laptop with a built in camera and microphone, and some install different applications on their smartphone to be able to tele-conference with their medical provider.


Technology helps us as a society to work ‘smarter’ instead of working ‘harder.’ When we are able to help those in our care use technology to benefit health, safety, and security, we are working smarter! Burlington Health Care, Northern Kentucky’s Home Medical Supply Store, is proud to carry many products that utilize technology. Our dedicated and knowledgeable staff are eager and able to answer any and all questions about our products as well help educate caregivers on certain products.